1. I am interested in RDB Hyd Marigold, How do I go about booking a Villa?

Simple! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Please confirm a specific apartment of your choice and fill the application form provided in the brochure or download from our website. Call our office and speak to our sales persons who will guide you through the entire apartment acquisition process.

Step 2: You need to pay a minimum booking amount of Rs .500, 000/ (Rupees Five Lakhs only) towards the booking of the Villa. (Please make sure that you specify your choice of Villa i.e., Villa type/ Villa No) at the time of submitting the application from along with Cheque/DD/Cash.

2. You mean to say that the apartment is booked in my name after I pay the booking fee?

Yes! The apartment will be booked and reserved in your name.

There after, You will be required to pay 40% of the overall cost of the Villa within 15 days from the date of booking against which a formal letter of allotment will be issued to you.

Installment  Work Progress Amount
1st Completion of Foundation work 10%
2st Commencement of Roof work 15%
3st Commencement of Brick Work 20%
4st Commencement of Flooring work 10%
5st At the Time of Possessing 5%

3. What if I make 100% down payment? What benefits do I get if I do so?

Of course! You get a handsome discount.

You can pay 97 .5% of Villa value against which you can avail a discount of 6.5% of Villa price. The balance 2.5% will be payable on possession. It will be your responsibility to comply with the Housing Finance Institutions to ensure timely and correct disbursement to us. If the payment is not made within the specified date, it will be deemed that you are opting for the installment scheme and there is a chance that you may lose the discount opportunity.

Note: Discount facility can be availed by the purchasers who book the Villa during excavation level of the site only but not after any work in progress.

4. Any other additional amounts I need to pay?

Corpus fund, Amenities charges, Registration charges and service taxes & VAT if applicable.

Note: Discount facility can be availed by the purchaser who book the apartment during excavation level of the site only but not after any work ins progress.