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1. I am interested in RDB Hyd Harmony so how do I go about booking an apartment?

Simple! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Please confirm a specific apartment of your choice and fill the application form provided in the brochure or download from our website. Call our office and speak to our sales persons who will guide you through the entire apartment acquisition process.

Step 2: You need to pay a minimum booking amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two Lakhs) towards the booking of any apartment.

(Please make sure that your choice of apartment i.e., apartment size/apartment no.//floor) at the time of submitting the application form alongwith Cheque/DD/Cash.)

2. You mean to say that the apartment is booked in my name after I pay the booking fee?

Yes! The apartment will be booked and reserved in your name.

Thereafter, you will be required to pay 30% of the overall cost of the apartment within 15 days from the date of booking. In case you are availing housing loan (either directly or arranged/co ordinated through us) you will have to pay 15% of the overall cost within 15 days and we will also collect another 15% of the oevrall cost from the bank within 15 days limit. The balance 70% of the amount will have to be paid to us in 10 equal quarterly instalments.

3. What is the allotment letter?

Our commitment!

You will be given an allotment letter mentioning the specific apartment you have been allotted once we receive the 15% or 30% of the amount (as the case may be). This is a complete confirmation from our side. Thereafter the process of documentation like the agreement will be followed.

4. So when will I have to pay the balane 70%?

We offer payment flexibility!

he balance of 70% amount needs to be paid in 10 equal quarterly instalments. Instalments are to be paid by way of post dated cheques which is a pre condition for allotment. The first cheque will be sent for clearing on the 90th day from the date of the allotment letter and subsequently every 3 months a fresh cheque will be presented to the bank. (Applicable only for bookings made in the intial launch phase)

Note: You need to issue 10 PDC's for the above instalments. If the cheques are dishonoured for whatever reason the booking stands automatically cancelled.

5. What if I make 100% down payment? What benefits do I get if I do so?

Of course, you get a handsome discount!

You can pay 97.5% of the apartment value against whcih you can avail a discount of 6.5% of the apatment price. The balance 2.5% will be payable on possession. It will be your resposibility to comply with the Housing Finance Institutions to ensure timely and correct disbursement to us. If the payment is not made within the specfied date, it will be deemed that you are opting for the instalment scheme and there is a chance that you may lose the discount facility.

Note: Discount facility can be availed by the purchaser who book the apartment during excavation level of the site only but not after any work ins progress.